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The Building Research Establishment assess that there are approximately 8 million sufferers of condensation in the UK every year.

Unfortunately it is often misdiagnosed as other forms of dampness.

Condensation is a natural by-product of modern living which is a real menace and the effects are often very unpleasant – streaming windows, mould, peeling wallpaper and the tell- tale dank smell of rot and decay. When dampness is your problem, you find yourself engaged in a losing battle with frequent redecoration costs.

To understand the cause is to understand the cure. As air becomes warmer, it expands and more moisture is absorbed. It will act like a sponge until it is saturated, as in a cloud. Cooled air shrinks and can hold less water vapour, so the moment water laden air touches a colder surface, it will deposit the excess water to form small droplets. The build up of moisture in the air of a home is a direct result of human habitation. Breathing, cooking, bathing, washing and clothes drying all add to water vapour. The direct burning of bottled gas or paraffin produces a pound of water for every pound of fuel consumed and is potentially the greatest source of wet air.

Increased ventilation and continual heating can stop condensation but this can prove costly and presents a security risk in respect of open windows. The answer is to take the moisture directly from the atmosphere using a heat pump electrical dehumidifier.

Our knowledge in the field of dehumidification is unrivalled with many years’ experience dealing with major Manufactures to include Ebac and others.

Typically, one machine centrally located will extract between one and two gallons of water vapour per day, leaving a drier, healthier atmosphere.

Larger machines are also available for the commercial market and further information and advice is available upon request.

Alternatively and of particular interest to Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Landlords, we can supply and/or fit either a single room or whole house Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit which is whisper quiet and has low running costs. Stale, unhealthy moisture laden air is then replaced with a continuous supply of fresh, warmed filtered air from outside the dwelling. This significantly reduces or eliminates surface condensation, the main cause of mould growth.

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