Structural Stabilisation

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We are able to offer a comprehensive range of masonry reinforcing products

These products provide a cost effective and non disruptive solution for many forms of remedial masonry stabilisation to include crack stitching, lintel repairs and lateral restraints.

Cracks, fractures and distortion to masonry and walls are usually attributed to ground and/or thermal movement, weathering and inadequate lateral restraint, resulting in the redistribution of loads and stresses, all of which have the potential to undermine the structural integrity of the building. This is likely to be most noticeable over door and window openings and to the corners of the structure.

Cracked masonry is best stabilised by the use of specially manufactured stainless steel helical bars which are inserted into appropriate resin grouted bed joints or cut slots which are then repointed or made good as necessary.

Bulged or bowed masonry can be stabilised using stainless steel lateral restraint bars which are inserted through the outer brickwork and then wound into the parallel joists of the internal suspended timber floor achieving a fix into the first 2 or 3 No. joists.

Tensile loads are then redistributed whilst the remaining masonry remains flexible enough to accommodate natural building movement.

Remedial measures can be successfully used in the majority of traditional buildings and structures.

These repairs provide resilience against further cracking or distortion to masonry with minimal cost and little disruption to the property owner.

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