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Has your property been inundated with damp recently and you’re now experiencing the consequences in the form of dry rot?

Dry Rot Treatment, is something which should only ever be attempted by trained professionals. At Insite (Southern) Ltd, we’ve been assisting customers since 1979 and are able to take on modern properties as well as listed and heritage buildings too. To get started, call us today on 023 8063 7264.

The Company to Call for Dry Rot Treatment in Dorset

Dry rot, along with wet rot, is term often used to refer to fungal decay, which is a common issue that affects tens of thousands of properties throughout the UK. In fact, around 35% of surveys reveal the presence of fungal decay, and where there is fungal decay, damp is likely to be found. If you require a dry rot treatment, Dorset customers should waste no time calling Insite (Southern) Ltd. 

What is Dry Rot? 

Dry rot occurs in any timbers where there is a moisture content of 20% or higher and spreads at an average rate of 3.5 metres per annum. Spores of the fungus are spread by air currents, animals, and people where they come to rest, and before penetrating into wood using threads (Hyphae). Without our Dorset dry rot treatment, dry rot extracts nutrients while breaking down timers with enzymes. 

Signs of dry rot infestation include: 

  • Sheets of Fungus Known as Mycelium (vary in colour from dirty grey to pure white) 
  • Sporophores (fruiting bodies which look like large mushrooms) 
  • Red Rust-Coloured Spore Dust 
  • Timbers Which are Brittle to the Touch and Have Deep Cracks 
  • Damp or Musty Smells 

Dry rot, once it takes hold, will spread throughout a property, passing through even brick and plaster unless stopped by a dry rot treatment. Dorset customers, if left unchecked, severe structural damage can be caused, and the property itself could even end up condemned, certifying it as uninhabitable. 

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Dorset Dry Rot Treatment

How Can Our Dorset Dry Rot Treatment Team Help?

The first step towards a dry rot treatment in Dorset is to give Insite (Southern) Ltd a call to arrange a visit from one of our highly trained surveyors. Dry rot can often be difficult to track down, but our surveyors know how to and can also identify the full extent of the infestation. While wet rot is easier to contain, dry rot spreads quickly, so it’s important that every sign of it be tracked down quickly.

We perform a survey to locate the infestation and also identify the source. Once we know of the correct course of action, we’ll provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote for our dry rot treatment. Dorset customers, if you choose to proceed, we’ll set about removing all affected timber and plaster along with any surrounding timber and plaster to a distance of at least one metre.

We then apply a powerful chemical fungicide to the exposed brickwork and masonry before installing pre-treated timber that’ll resist dry rot infestation. We’ll also seek to remedy whatever issue resulted in the dry rot, to begin with. This is often a failure of the damp proofing or, in the case of listed and heritage buildings, a lack thereof. We’ll then tidy away any mess, leaving your property as we found it.

Should you wish to learn more about our dry rot treatment, Dorset customers should waste no time calling Insite (Southern) Ltd today.

To discuss in detail our services, including wall tie replacement, Southampton clients should give our team a call on 023 8063 7264.

Why Come to Us for a Dry Rot Treatment, Dorset Property Owners? 

Those seeking a dry rot treatment in Dorset should look no further than a company that has over 40 years’ experience. Here at Insite (Southern) Ltd, our extensive expertise has solidified our reputation as the go-to company for fungal decay solutions. And our reputation is why we’re trusted to work on both listed and heritage properties.

We’re proud to be one of Southampton’s oldest contractors, having provided remedial services to clients in Hampshire and Dorset for the last four decades. Over the years, our portfolio has grown, now including clients such as English Heritage and the National Trust. We also work with housing associations and local authorities who trust in our capabilities.  

If you’re not yet convinced, consider that our Dorset dry rot treatment comes with a written 30-year guarantee. This should provide you with all the assurances you need to get in touch with our team. 

Contact Us 

If you would like to make further enquiries concerning dry rot treatment, Dorset customers need only call Insite (Southern) Ltd on 023 8063 7264. Alternatively, you can email us at info@insitegroup.co.uk or get in touch by filling out our online contact form.