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Any building built prior to 1981 is susceptible to wall tie corrosion

The photograph above depicts a typical property showing signs of cracking to the rendering/brickwork consistent with wall tie failure.

Insite Fixings was formed in order to provide a specialist service in the field of wall tie replacement which, according to the Building Research Establishment is likely to affect in excess of 10 million homes in the United Kingdom.

All remedial works, unless specified, are undertaken with the benefit of a 25 YEAR CERTIFICATE OF GUARANTEE. Buildings as recent as 1981 can be affected by cavity wall tie corrosion and failure may be initially identified by horizontal cracking to the bedding joints, bugling and distortion to the masonry. In some buildings where wall ties have corroded or were simply not installed, there is a possibility of collapse to the outer leaf of brickwork, particularly during adverse weather conditions especially high winds. It is therefore important to stabilise the walls at an early stage, primarily for safety reasons, but also to forestall the likelihood of extensive remedies such as demolition and reconstruction of one or both skins of the cavity wall.

Corrosion of the wall ties can cause them to expand up to 7 times their original thickness, often lifting the outer skin of brickwork, leaving horizontal cracks and imposing stresses which cause the wall to bulge. If left unchecked this may lead the eventual breaking and degradation of the wall ties and possible subsequent collapse of the perimeter walling.

Insite undertake a detailed examination using metal detection equipment to locate the existing ties and with the aid of a fibre optic endoscope, we are normally able to inspect them between the walls. Alternatively, the mortar joints may be scraped out. Thereafter, an accurate assessment of the condition of the wall ties can usually be determined.

Dependent upon our inspection and prevailing site conditions, the most suitable replacement tie for each property is then selected from our range which includes, mechanical, resin and combination ties. All ties are precision engineered and manufactured from the finest corrosion free stainless steel throughout.

Insite will install the new ties which will be tightened to the correct torque or set in specially selected resins. Thereafter, where cast iron ties were originally used, these will be removed or isolated in order to prevent further possible damage as a result of the corroding tie. The disturbed brickwork is then made good using a colour mix mortar or similar in order to reasonably match the existing.

We are also able to undertake masonry repairs to include the installation of Lateral Restraints and Helical products to stabilize walls, cracks and lintels.

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Variety of original cast iron wall ties showing various stages of corrosion.

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A selection of stainless steel wall ties illustrating mechanical, resin and combination types.

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