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Does your property require stabilising? Are structural reinforcements for the masonry required to maintain integrity?

Then you need to pick up the phone and give Insite (Southern) Ltd a call right away. With many years of remedial and building experience, we possess knowledge of the correct method of restoring compromised masonry – helibars. Southampton customers, if you’d like to request our expertise, call us today on 023 8063 7264.

Fix the Problem Now with Helibars in Southampton

Cracks, fractures, and distortion to masonry and walls are more common than many realise. As well as being a product of damage or sub-standard construction, they also result from gradual wear and tear which occurs with time. Ground and/ or thermal movement, weathering, and inadequate lateral restraint all play a part. As loads and stresses are incorrectly distributed, the effects start to show. Helibars, Southampton customers, are the key to solving any issues concerning cracked masonry.

At Insite (Southern) Ltd, we specialise in remedial services but are also adept at carrying out structural stabilisation too. As the two services are often connected, it makes sense that we’d be knowledgeable of both. Customers in Southampton, helibars are the go-to solution for cracked, fractured, or distorted masonry. However, they must only ever be installed by a professional team with the correct knowledge and skillsets.

Here to Install Helibars, Southampton Customers

The first question many people ask us is ‘what exactly are helibars?’ In Southampton and beyond, we provide services which make use of these bars to reinforce properties of all shapes and sizes. A helibar is a helical, stainless-steel reinforcing bar that possesses substantial tensile properties. Its primary function is to strengthen and stabilise masonry and can be used both in new builds and for remedial projects.

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Completing a survey prior to installing helibars in Southampton

The lengths used vary from one application to the next. How they work is that they are cut to length and inserted to form masonry beams. These beams help to correctly re-distribute structural loads, and, in the process, correct issues caused by ground and/ or thermal movement. They can also be used to address situations where sub-standard construction and/ or materials are the cause of the problem. Shorter lengths can be used for crack stitching, and helibars can also help with reinstating failed lintels.

If the masonry is the problem, the solution are helibars, Southampton customers. To get started, just give us a call.

Survey, Consultation, and Installation

Our team will start out by completing a survey to determine the extent of the problem. Following on from this, we’ll consult with you to discuss the problem and the best solution moving forward. You’ll be quoted for the work with no obligation on your part to commit. If you’re happy to proceed, our team will set a time and date to carry out the work. Customers in Southampton, helibars are always installed by our highly trained and fully certified team.

The methods we employ will work across a wide range of building types and will provide complete protection against further cracking, fracturing, and distorting. Once in place, the helibars will re-distribute the loads sufficiently enough for the remaining masonry to accommodate natural building movement. So, you and your family will be able to sleep easy, knowing that your property is secure and safe once more.

To learn more about helibars, Southampton customers need only call Insite (Southern) Ltd today on 023 8063 7264.

Here to Install for Customers in Southampton Helibars of the Highest Quality

For all remedial and building-related issues, Insite (Southern) Ltd are here to help! Whether your property has been inundated with damp, infested with woodworm, is plagued by rot, or suffering from structural issues; you can count on us to be there to assist. With many years of experience to call on, our team has what it takes to provide quick and effective solutions, such as helibars. Southampton customers need only reach out to get started.

Over the years, we’ve assisted countless domestic and commercial customers and amassed an impressive portfolio in the process. Our incredible range of services and our wide-ranging expertise has meant that we’ve been and are currently involved with various clients and organisations, including:

  • English Heritage
  • The National Trust
  • Local Authorities
  • Building Societies
  • Churches
  • Owners of Stately Homes

All have come to trust in our capabilities and would happily recommend us to anyone inquiring about helibars in Southampton.

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Would you like to inquire further about helibars? Southampton customers, if your dealing with cracked, fractured, or distorted masonry that needs fixing, call Insite (Southern) Ltd today on 023 8063 7264.