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Do you require honest, reliable, competitively priced building services? Perhaps your requirement specifically concerns structural stabilisation in Southampton, with one call to Insite (Southern) Ltd, we can have your situation well in hand. We provide quick and effective solutions that’ll have your situation remedied in no time. You won’t find a more comprehensive range of masonry reinforcing products anywhere else. To find out more, call our team now on 023 8063 7264.

The Number One Choice for Structural Stabilisation in Southampton

Whether as a result of poor construction, sub-standard materials, age, ground movement, or a natural disaster, structural instabilities can occur. If left unchecked, these instabilities can gradually worsen and even compromise the integrity of the whole building. If you’re concerned about the viability of your home, don’t take any chances. Call Insite (Southern) Ltd as we can assist with structural stabilisation, Southampton customers.

Ground and/ or thermal movement, weathering, and inadequate lateral restraints can often manifest in the appearance of cracks, fractures, and distortion to masonry and walls. Such issues can be superficial, but it’s best to not take any chances. Often, such issues can be a sign that loads and stresses have been redistributed, resulting in a dangerous predicament. Fortunately, we provide Southampton structural stabilisation using masonry products that provide a cost-effective and non-disruptive solution to resolve many remedial issues.

Our methods enable us to correct a range of faults through crack stitching, lintel repairs and reinforcing of lateral restraints. Such an approach will greatly improve the structural integrity of your building, keeping you and your family safe. To learn more about structural stabilisation, Southampton customers should call us now. More information about us and our services can be found below.

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Structural stabilisation in Southampton is always preceded by a full report

Proud to Provide Southampton Structural Stabilisation Services Which Are Both Reliable and Affordable

If you’ve noticed issues, particularly over doors and window openings and to the corners of the structure, give Insite (Southern) Ltd a call right away. We’ll send one of our specialists around to carry out a full survey and provide you with a report of their findings. Based on their findings, they’ll recommend the most appropriate course of action. You’ll be quoted for any work that’s required, and you’re free to say no if you’re not completely satisfied with our fee.

When it comes to structural stabilisation, Southampton customers will be hard-pressed to find a more efficient or reliable service than ours. We can turn our hand to virtually any request. Take cracked masonry as an example – for such jobs, we typically use specially designed stainless-steel helical bars. These are inserted at strategic points into the resin grouted bed joints or cut slots. They are then repointed or made good as required.

Our remedial methods can be employed in the majority of traditional buildings and structures. So, if you require structural stabilisation in Southampton, there’s a high chance that we can be of assistance. Our repairs not only provide your building with added resilience, but they are also cost-effective and entail very little disruption.

If you would like more information about structural stabilisation, Southampton customers need only call Insite (Southern) Ltd today on 023 8063 7264.

Why Choose Us to Assist with Structural Stabilisation, Southampton Customers?

Here at Insite (Southern) Ltd, we’re a team of remedial specialists with a proven track record of excellence. Whether you’re dealing with woodworm, fungal decay, dampness or require our help with structural stabilisation, in Southampton, customers can always count on us. We’re Southampton’s oldest contractor, which has helped us garner a reputation that’s led to us working on a wide range of buildings, including churches, historic buildings, stately homes and museums.

We provide services throughout Southern England and even work on behalf of clients, such as:

  • Local Authorities
  • House Associations
  • The National Trust
  • English Heritage
  • Leading Building Societies

Our inspections and reports are typically free of charge. So, if you suspect structural issues but aren’t certain, there’s no risk enlisting us to find out. The consequences of not requesting our help could be far more costly in the long run. For years, we’ve provided Southampton structural stabilisation services which are second-to-none. You won’t find a more accomplished or experienced team anywhere else.

For a friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy service, you know who to call – Insite (Southern) Ltd.

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There are three ways to get in touch with us to inquire about structural stabilisation. Southampton customers can call Insite (Southern) Ltd on 023 8063 7264. You can also email us at or fill out our contact form online.