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Are you looking for an experienced company that can transform your damp basement into a comfortable living space?

Well, look no further than Insite Southern. We have a team of experts that provide the best tanking Dorset residents can get. To request a survey, speak to a member of our team today by calling 023 8063 7264.

Dorset Tanking Will Give Your Home Extra Space

Due to the rise in property prices, many homeowners are leaning towards creating additional rooms in their houses instead of moving. One way of doing this successfully is by converting your basement into a hospitable room. It could be used as an extra bedroom, study, or living room. To achieve this, you will require our team, who carry out the best tanking in Dorset

Basements that sit below ground level need tanking, Dorset customers, because they tend to suffer from damp. In fact, lateral damp penetration and hydrostatic pressure are caused due to a combination of gravity and the weight of the water above. For every 300mm of depth in saturated ground, the pressure increases by 30g per square cm, which means that the deeper your basement is below ground, the more likely it is to suffer with damp.

Our Dorset tanking service will be able to rectify this problem. Our team have a vast number of tanking and waterproofing options that will turn your basement into a dry room ready for use. Cementitious tanking systems are installed in properties where there is no risk of flooding or ‘free flowing water’. Cavity drain membranes use high density polypropylene and a ‘studded’ profile that lines the walls and floors, giving you a dry internal surface.

A coating can then be plastered over it to leave a smooth surface that can be decorated however you see fit. Our tanking in Dorset also extends to sealed systems that are appropriate for areas in which ‘free water’ is either known or suspected. While we predominantly use taking for basements or cellars, we can also install them as alternatives for damp proofing in structures above ground.

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What Other Services Do We Offer?

When it comes to tanking, Dorset clients, there is no better team than ours at Insite Southern, but keep in mind that we offer an array of services. We have an extensive portfolio of projects that include work on domestic homes through to historic buildings. Our aim is to preserve as well as enhance the structural integrity of many buildings in the South of England.

While Dorset tanking is a major strand of our business, you should be aware that we also provide the following specialist services:

  • Damp Proofing
  • Condensation Control
  • Woodworm
  • Wall Tie Replacement
  • Structural Stabilisation
  • Building Services and More!

Why Come to Us for Tanking, Dorset Clients?

Insite Southern was established in 1978 and has a long-running reputation for delivering excellent services. Over the years we have become the go-to contractor for many sectors. The expertise we possess in eradicating dampness and fungal decay has earned us a long list of satisfied clients. Whether you require a wall tie replacement or tanking in Dorset, we will complete the job to a high standard.

We have completed projects on a range of different domestic and commercial properties, ranging from churches and stately homes to museums and English Heritage sites. With this in mind, there is no doubt that we should be your first choice for tanking. Dorset clients should know that every one of our operatives are highly trained and knowledgeable about building conservation and preservation.

When hiring us for tanking, Dorset clients will receive a free initial inspection. This will give us an opportunity to assess the structure and detail the work that is required.

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 ore information about tanking, Dorset clients should give our team a call on 023 8063 7264. Alternatively, send an email to info@insitegroup.co.uk.