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Have you been searching for a proven team that can deliver solutions for damp works? Southampton clients, look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at Insite! We’re proud to be the go-to team for property owners in Southampton who are struggling with dampness and need to have their homes worked on by professionals. Our thoroughly trained experts are confident in being able to solve all manner of drainage problems. You can expect us to always take you through a swift and straightforward process.

If you are in need of expert drainage services and would like to learn more about our capabilities, reach out to us today. You can speak with one of our damp specialists directly by calling us on 02380 637 264. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly with the required information. Below, you can learn more about the various damp-related solutions that we can deliver, as well as how our team operate on projects in Southampton.

Damp Works Contractor in Southampton

Here at Insite, we’re delighted to be the number one team for property owners in Southampton who are in need of damp-proofing solutions. Our staff work closely with all clients to make sure that their home is left in the best possible condition. You can depend on our team members to go the extra mile at every opportunity, as they ensure that you’re left wholly satisfied with our damp proofing efforts. It’s our aim to exceed the expectations of clients and to deliver damp-proofing solutions that are highly effective.

Every member of our team has been thoroughly trained in how to tackle various damp-related issues. We have made sure that we have access to the latest damp-proofing equipment so that we can deliver long-lasting solutions to all of our clients. Thanks to the skill and experience of our staff, we’re confident in being able to fulfil the needs of every homeowner in Southampton. We are always improving our damp proofing services to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible solutions for their homes.

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Damp Works Southampton

Damp-Proofing & Damp Works Specialists in Southampton

If you’re experiencing issues with dampness in your home, the first step to take is to get in touch with our experts. We will consult with you thoroughly and ask you to outline the nature of the problems that you’re having. Our staff will need to arrange a convenient date upon which to visit your home and carry out a thorough inspection. By taking a look at your damp issues first-hand, we will be able to determine the cause behind the dampness and come up with a suitable solution that is sure to last.

After we’ve found the cause of dampness, we will recommend a damp proofing measure that is suitable. Our staff will work with speed and efficiency, as they have your new damp-proofing system set up and ready to go in no time. You’ll find that all of our damp-proofing systems are easy to understand, affordable, and highly effective. Overall, we take all clients through a swift and straightforward process when they reach out to us for damp works in Southampton.

How Damp-Proofing Works

Damp-proofing usually consists of a system being put into place that prevents dampness from developing in the home. Damp-proofing systems are often bespoke, as each case of dampness will be unique in every home. The purpose of a damp-proofing system is to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, which in turn stops damp areas from developing in the home. With our damp-proofing systems, you will be able to maintain the structural integrity of your property and a high standard of hygiene.

Other Services We Offer

At Insite, it has always been our aim to cater to the needs of as many property owners as possible who are dealing with damp-related issues. It’s for this reason that we’ve continued to expand and improve the selection of damp-proofing services that we can offer in Southampton. Thanks to the versatility of our staff, we’re able to deliver the same high standard of work no matter what type of service you require. Below, you can learn more about the different damp proofing services that we deliver locally:

Fungal Decay

Fungal decay is unfortunately common in properties in Southampton, especially in ones where dampness is prevalent. Our team can wipe away all traces of fungal decay and put in place measures to stop it from returning.


Woodworms eat away at damp wooden beams and other wooden structures in a property, making them something that you have to deal with immediately. Our team can locate the source of the woodworm on your property and get rid of them promptly.


Condensation is common in many homes, and it can lead to the spread of dampness if it’s not dealt with quickly. Our staff will put in place preventative measures to stop the development of excessive condensation on your property.

Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity wall ties replacemnet are an essential piece feature of homes that have insulation fitted. If there’s an issue with your wall ties, you must have them replaced as quickly as possible, which is something our staff can do easily.


Tanking is a process that involves converting a basement so that it is sufficiently damp-proofed. Our team will inspect your basement and put in place suitable measures to ensure that dampness doesn’t develop.

Structural Stabilisation

Our team offers specialised services in which they can carry out structural stabilisation work on buildings to make sure that they don’t develop structural issues in the future.

Building Services

As well as being able to assist with damp issues, we can also push in the right decoration when it comes to effective building services. Our staff will ensure that all of the necessary building work is completed on your property to a high standard.

How Much Does Damp Proofing Cost?

The cost of damp proofing varies depending on the type of work that you need to have completed. If you are experiencing a particularly bad spout of dampness in your property, then it’s likely that our staff will need to use more resources, and their work will take more time. Larger projects cost more to complete, so they are generally more expensive for property owners in Southampton. You can rest assured knowing our team will always strive to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your damp issues.

Why Choose Insite for Damp Works in Southampton?

In the time that we at Insite have been operating, we have built up an excellent reputation throughout Southampton. Our staff have taken on many challenging projects where they’ve been tasked with removing dampness permanently from people’s homes. Thanks to the skill of our team members and their experience within the industry, they’ve completed all work to a consistently high standard. We are always looking for ways to improve our damp works further for the benefit of our clients.

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So, would you like to get started with the number one team for damp works in Southampton? Then reach out to us at Insite today! Our experts will be more than willing to take you through our damp-proofing solutions and get you set up with our effective services. We will be happy to answer your questions in full and make sure that you have all of the required information concerning our damp-related services.

If you’re unable to speak with one of our damp experts directly, you can fill out our online contact form or email your questions to info@insitegroup.co.uk. Our staff will look over your queries thoroughly and get back to you promptly with useful answers. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our specialists directly by calling us on 02380 637 264. No matter what contact method you choose, you can depend on our staff to be friendly and helpful at all times. Don’t miss out on our excellent damp-related services today!

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