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Are you looking for a team of experts to rid your property of woodworm?

Eastleigh residents should look no further than Insite Southern. We offer a range of services with the aim of eradicating infestations, dampness and fungal decay from buildings in Eastleigh and surrounding areas. To find out more information about our surveys, give our team a call on 023 8063 7264.

Eastleigh Woodworm Experts

Woodworm is the term used to describe the many different species that target the timber and wood in our homes. It is a common problem across the country, with research revealing that 75% of houses in Britain suffer with woodworm. In Eastleigh, residents can get their infestation removed with the help of our professionals.

Floor joists, staircases and roof timbers are among the objects that tend to be affected by woodworm. Eastleigh buildings that contain any form of new wood are susceptible to this type of infestation. The common furniture beetle, known as anobium punctatum, tends to be the main culprit in these incidents. The female beetles lay eggs within the cracks and holes of timber, and once the eggs hatch, the larvae attacks the wood.

The difficulty with this problem is that there is no visible sign of it occurring, and over the course of 3 years, the timber in your property will suffer damage. The cycle is repeated when the adult beetle bites through the surface and flies away to mate before returning and laying more eggs. Eastleigh, woodworm is a significant problem, but our team are here to help.

Our surveyors here at Insite Southern are trained and experienced in eradicating woodworm in Eastleigh. We will identify the extent of the infestation before spraying the infestation with chemicals. In some cases, our team will use gels or rods to remove the problem, and we may apply specialist timber paste to prevent the infestation from returning.

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Woodworm in Eastleigh

Our Wide Range of Services

We do not limit ourselves when it comes to enhancing the structural integrity of buildings. We want your homes and commercial properties to be clear of woodworm, Eastleigh clients, but not only that. Our team are also on hand to offer the following services:

  • Damp Proofing
  • Fungal Decay
  • Condensation Control
  • Wall Tie Replacement
  • Structural Stabilisation
  • Tanking and More!

Our main purpose here at Insite Southern is to preserve the heritage of your buildings. It is important to maintain the natural and unique charm of the structure, and with our Eastleigh woodworm service, we can help.

Why Choose Us to Remove Your Home’s Woodworm, Eastleigh Residents?

After being established in 1978, Insite Southern has gone from strength to strength. We have become a reliable company for clients, offering first-class services in multiple areas, including the eradication of woodworm. In Eastleigh, we are regarded as the city’s oldest contractor having performed remedial treatments for both domestic and commercial clients over the years.

As well as removing woodworm, Eastleigh clients, we have also helped preserve the heritage of many churches, stately homes, museums and historic buildings. In fact, we are an approved contractor to multiple local authorities, housing associations and the National Trust, among others.

What makes our services stand out is that we offer inspections and devise reports without charging our clients. Once you have hired our team to investigate woodworm, Eastleigh residents, we will provide you with all the details relating to the infestation. We will also inform you of any underlying structural defects as a result of the woodworm. When you give us the green light, the treatment carried out should have a 30-year written guarantee.

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For more information about how we can remove woodworm, Eastleigh clients should give us a call on 023 8063 7264. Alternatively, send an email to info@insitegroup.co.uk or contact us by filling in our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.