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Are you panicking because you have just inspected your property and discovered woodworm? Southampton, don’t fret as Insite is here to help you eradicate this problem quickly and comprehensively. We offer free surveys with no strings attached, so you have nothing to lose – arrange yours today by calling us on 02380 637 264!

A Treatment for Woodworm Southampton Can Rely On

Recent surveys indicate that as many as 75% of properties in Great Britain may have an issue with these types of insects. The term “Southampton woodworm” is somewhat misleading as the pests are actually beetles, rather than worms.

The grub or larvae of these beetles will burrow through the timber as they feed on the wood substance. Woodworm in Southampton is a serious problem because if this unwanted process goes on for long enough, the structural integrity of the property will be compromised.

The areas most prone to an attack by woodworm Southampton should look out for are floor joists, roof timbers and staircases. Nearly all new wood is just as susceptible to an attack as the older timbers, so it’s vital to keep an eye out and be proactive. Time is definitely of the essence here.

Usually, the problem creature is the common furniture beetle that can spend up to three years tunnelling through the wood at an average rate of 5 centimetres per year. There are other species that attack timber but the signs are generally the same, so keep an eye out!

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Free Survey for Woodworm Southampton Can Arrange Today

Once we arrive at your property, we will identify the source of the problem quickly. When we understand the nature and degree of the infestation in question, we will recommend the most suitable remedial work to get rid of your Southampton woodworm problem.

The majority of our treatments for woodworm in Southampton are carried out by pressure spraying the exposed timber with suitable chemicals. Gels and rods may have to be used in some cases and a timber treatment paste will often be specified for long term penetration.

Reasons to Choose Insite As Your Southampton Woodworm Team

Here at Insite, we offer a complete specialist service. Regardless of whether you need to protect your property from damp or take care of a woodborer infestation, we will be your side every step of the way.

In fact, we are Southampton’s oldest contractor and our reputation precedes us. Anyone looking for remedial treatment in Hampshire or any of the surrounding counties should give us a call to experience our unique approach first-hand!

Countless past customers have actually gone on to recommend our services to other people who are dealing with woodworm. Southampton, this makes us very proud as we always go the extra mile in order to facilitate a client request and greatly value positive feedback.

All treatments will be undertaken by certified professionals with years – or even decades – of past experience to draw from. Many solutions carry the benefit of a written 30-year-guarantee against the continuation or revival of the attack in question, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected!

Additional Remedial and Home Improvement Services Offered by Insite

On top of being the best team to tackle woodworm Southampton can hire, Insite can handle all of the following requests:

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